Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date July 4, 2010
Written by Ned Goldreyer
Directed by Paul Hoen
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America's Sweethearts

Joe begins filming for Forever April and arrives late, the director isn't pleased. Meanwhile Macy helps DZ prepare for his first date which soon leads to her confessing that she would like to be more than just friends with Nick. Stella lets Aunt Lisa practice her massaging skills on her.


The episode is mainly about Nick and Macy reavealing their feeling for each other. Also Dz gets his first date who seems to be a female version of Dz. But Macy doesn't know that Dz's date is just like him so she dresses him in a classic, romantic type of outfit. Meanwhile, Joe starts his first day of filming and gets trouble between him the director Mona


  • The song in this episode is Invisible
  • Lester Lewis revealed that the movie sets used in this episode were the "Psycho House" and the Bates Motel from Psycho, found on the Universal backlot.
  • In this episode, Nick and Macy start dating.




Guest starringEdit

International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States July 4, 2010
United Kingdom

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