Big Man

Name Big Man
Gender Male
Occupation Bodyguard, Rapper
Introduced In Keeping it Real
Portrayed By Robert Feggans

Big Man is JONAS' bodyguard and rapper. He moves into their LA apartment with them for the summer and looks out for them, asking DZ to leave when he shows up at their house, if he doesn't have muffins. It is revealed in The Secret that not only does Big Man have a niece called Kiara, but he also takes tapdance classes. When the boys forgot Stella's birthday, they tried to use him as a shield but when he found out that was why they were hiding behind him he told them, they were on their own. Which suggest, like everyone else he is scared of Stella.

Main Characters Kevin LucasJoe LucasNick LucasStella MaloneMacy MisaTom Lucas
Secondary Characters Aunt LisaBig ManDZFrankie LucasMona KleinSandy LucasVan Dyke ToshVanessa Page

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