Kevin is offended after his father hires a popular music video director to direct the band’s latest music video. Meanwhile, Frankie is trying to win Macy's heart away from Nick.

Season 2, Episode 9
Air date August 22, 2010
Written by Ned Goldreyer
Paul Ruehl
Directed by Paul Hoen
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Up in the Air
The Flirt Locker


The brother's dad and youngest brother come to town. And the dad hired a profenssional director, by this Kevin gets his feelings hurt becuase he didn't choose him. Then when the filming of the music video begins the plot of the video isn't what they wanted, so Kevin fires the director and hires himself. Menwhile, Frankie is trying to steal Macy's heart. He even told her," Let the best brother win." Also Stella gets sick and Aunt Lisa takes care of her. At the end of the episode Joe comes to see if Stella is alright and also brings her Chicken soup and Aunt thinks that mabye Joe isn't bad for a rockstar.





Guest starringEdit

International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States
United Kingdom

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