aka Jadon (but my nickname is Jay)

  • I live in US
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Student, Disney fan, and a fan of a bunch of other things
  • I am Female
  • JayTehSpongetta

    Married To Jonas

    August 15, 2012 by JayTehSpongetta

    Who's gonna watch the new Jonas show?? I will!! It's about Dani and Kev....and there'll be sneak peeks of new Jonas music! Yessss!!!

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  • JayTehSpongetta

    Hey guys, I'm Jay and i'm a editor here and a admin at Jonas Brothers Wiki. That wiki hasn't been getting a lot of action and it seems like i'm the only one who edits there. To quote my own blog there:

    "I'm busy so I can't keep constantly updating the boatload of pages that need to be updated here. Think about it... how much old info do we have on this Wiki? Even the guy's pages aren't up to date and they're the ones this Wiki is about! I edited Joe's to discuss his solo album, other more recent projects, etc. and that took quite a while. But now I have 2 more to do and A LOT more, like my unfisnished Camp Rock 2 page. So all I'm asking is for you guys to edit, edit, edit!"

    So since you're a regular editor here and i'm guessing a JB like I a…

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  • JayTehSpongetta

    Just because JONAS is over, doesn't mean we should just leave this Wiki alone. Things are out of control. Nude picture on Sandy Lucas' page? Random page about wedding planing? Where the heck's the maker of this Wiki? They should be making sure these things don't happen! I've fixed about a thousand things today that could've been avoided. All i'm trying to say we need better mangament and more activity on JONAS Wiki. Until things are better i'll try to fix as much as i can. I'll try to add more features, such as a list of songs from JONAS. What are your opinions on this bunch of shinanigans?

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