• TeensTalkFear

    Ok, JB’s, let me say that you rocked the house in Charlotte Aug.21st. You guys are so talented, and put on a great show. I am, however, a little peeved with myself about something. Let me explain. My son won passes for the Meet and Greet. But, it was more like a “Meat and Shake.” We were like beef cattle being shuffled through with only time to “shake” your hands. It flew by so fast that without the proof of a picture, I’m not sure it really happened. From the moment we walked into the “holding” area it was rush, rush, rush. Not even enough time to savor the moment. My son had brought Frankie a guitar as a gift for his birthday, and as soon as we got through the door, we had security on us like white on rice, “NO GIFTS IN THE MEET AND GREE…

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