Vanessa Page
Name Vanessa Page
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, California
Occupation Actress
Introduced In House Party
Portrayed By Abby Pivaronas

Vanessa Page is a famous Hollywood actress who appears in the fictitious teen show, Malibu High, and a minor antagonist of season 2. She is working on the movie, Forever April, about a ghost called April. She meets Joe while he is clothes shopping for when he meets Stella ("House Party"). While Joe is trying on clothes, Vanessa answers his cell phone when Stella calls. In "Back to the Beach", she tells Joe that her director wants a Joe from Jonas type to play her love interest in the movie, and celebrates with him when he gets the part. She has a dog called Chakra. She claims she dates every male co-star from each of her movies and Joe and her would have broken up at the end of the movie.

She was very mean to Stella in "A Wasabi Story" before Joe breaks up with her

In "America's Sweethearts", Joe asks Vanessa out, and she accepts. Though she appears to be slightly simple-minded, and a happy and nice person, when she finds out that Stella and Joe used to date, she threatens Stella to stay away from Joe "or else", and gets angry when she shows up on "her movie set" ("Up in the Air"). Although, She is happy for Stella and Joe when they start dating.

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